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Sports Stars Summer Camps

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Sports Stars Policies and practices.

We pride ourselves on our fun but safe camps. Please inform Glyn if you have any issues. We do not tolerate bullying and want parents to inform us if this has occurred. Instances of this nature are few but as with any environment where children come together there is always the possibilty, please inform us.

Staff are selected for their skills working with children and come from a variety of work backgrounds, we never advertise for our staff and all will be personally known to Glyn and or Dean. This is a valuable tool when selecting staff for the summer as many have been with us for a number of years returning year after year.

We will ensure all children sit down for at least 30 minutes for lunch and they will be supervised throughout. At the end of each activity the groups will be brought in to re-register and check for any problems. and have a short break with drink.

Leaving a group mid way through an activity will be discouraged, if your child needs to visit the toilet they must inform their group leader. Our younger children will be escorted wherever they are and we have the staff available to allow this.

All children will be pre registered on arrival at the main door; from here they will be supervised on pre camp activities until our formal registration at 10am. At the end of the day our older campers will be released from a different door to meet their parents. The younger groups will not be allowed to leave until a member of staff is certain their parent is present. Staff will be situated along the path to the car park as extra control to check if all children are being escorted from the camp.

Early start/late finish children will be registered by a member of staff and placed in a group for supervised activities. Please come into our main reception to drop off/pick up your child, always check with a member of staff.

We will always have a first aider on site and medication should be handed in for safe keeping.

Please call Glyn if you have any questions at all.


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