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Sports Stars Summer Camps

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Parents Information

General Clothing

We strongly recommend that your children bring a sun hat and sun cream to camp as they will be spending time outside. Not having a sun hat could mean that your child will not be able to spend time outside. Wear suitable clothing. Loose jogging bottoms, shorts, tee shirt and trainers. Send along a warm jumper and rain coat.


If your child is on prescribed medication, hand the labelled medicine to their group leader. We will store it in our office and administer it at the appropriate time.

Mid Morning Snack & Lunch

All children should have a piece of fruit and a drink for a mid morning snack. Make sure your child has plenty to drink; all children will be encouraged to drink frequently. Please ensure you inform our staff if your child has a nut allergy and we will ensure they do not sit, during lunchtime, with children who may possibly be eating food that contains nuts.

Times to come and go

All days at Sports Stars start at 10am and finish at 4pm

Early start/late finish is between 8.30am and 5pm. This is free of charge; please make sure you check your child in as soon as you arrive.


Friday Presentation

At the end of every week, we hold our presentation afternoon. This starts at 3.30pm and finishes at 4pm, parents are welcome to attend.


Settling in

On arrival, you can stay with your children until you are happy to leave. Staff are used to children being nervous and will make every effort to put them at ease.



For security reasons, please let us know if your child is going home with someone else or walking home. No child can leave without being ticked off the register. Staff will be assigned at various points on the path to the car park to monitor children leaving. Children will be asked who they are leaving with.


Drop off and pick up times can be quite hectic, please park in the main car park on the south side.

Useful phone numbers

If you need to contact us urgently during camp, please call 07966451877.

Our rules and regulations

We have a set of policies and procedures; these can be found on our web site.


If you have a complaint of any kind, please speak to a member of staff who’ll take you to the appropriate member of staff who will be able to direct you to either Glyn, Dean or Paul.

Call Glyn on 07966451877 or Catherine on 01938 811276 for further details

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